A torpedo sucked by an Unidentified Underwater Object

On October 5, 2019, Commander David Fravor was the guest of Joe Rogan, host of the world's most listened to podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience.The former fighter pilot had come to tell live about the Nimitz sighting known as Tic Tac.In 2004, during life-size exercises off San Diego, California, Tic Tac candy-shaped UFOs hovered in the training area of a US Navy carrier strike group.Commander Fravor was able to observe one of these Tic Tacs up close and unsuccessfully attempted to approach it.During the broadcast, the former fighter pilot spoke of another startling sighting - that of a dark mass coming from the depths of the ocean sucking in an army sounding torpedo.Back to this surprising affair.

Fravor testifies

In 2017, the New York Times newspaper and the Politico news website publish a series of very serious UFO / PAN investigations that will be the starting point of a process of disclosing the presence of UFOs overflowing theAmerican territory.In order to illustrate their investigations, the journalists choose to refer to certain UFO / PANS sightings made by the US military.Among these observations, one of them was not retained because it was considered too old.It is this observation that David Fravor recounts in the podcast.

A CH-53 helicopter

Helicopter pilot observes Unidentified Underwater Object

Drone BQM

The testimony comes from a US Army CH-53 jumbo helicopter pilot whose job in the 1990s was to recover BQM target drones and telemetry torpedoes. BQM target drones serve as their name suggests as aerial targets capable of simulating an enemy threat during ballistic defense exercises. Telemetry torpedoes are launched from submarines and are used to analyze an underwater area. These two instruments finish their missions on the surface of the ocean and it is a helicopter assisted by a diver who has the mission to recover them. The first scene takes place off the coast of Puerto Rico. The helicopter is 15 meters above the drone to be recovered. He throws a diver and a harness in order to attach the drone. The particularity of the CH-53 helicopters is that the pilot can observe what is happening under his aircraft thanks to a transparent floor in the cockpit. The diver attaches the drone and signals the helicopter to hoist them. The pilot then observed a dark mass rising from the depths in the direction of the drone and the diver. The pilot then speeds up the recovery process in order to protect his diver. The black mass then stops its rise towards the surface and disappears into the depths.

The Unidentified Underwater Object

sucks a torpedo


A few months later, in the same area, the helicopter pilot will experience the same scene, but this time he will not have time to retrieve the torpedo.As the diver descends into the water, the pilot watches this same circular black mass rise to the surface.Panicked, he orders the winch carrying the diver, which is a few meters from the ocean, to be hoisted.The pilot and the diver will witness the torpedo being sucked in by this black mass which, after stealing the army's torpedo, descended into the depths of the ocean.The torpedo will be declared lost and has still not been found.The pilot said it was impossible for him to confuse this mass with a submarine that by its trade has seen submarines rise to the surface dozens of times.This area of the ocean is known to be one of the deepest in the world.

Both of these sightings were confirmed by the former director of the UFO Investigation Bureau (AATIP), Lue Elizondo.

During the Nimitz incident, witnesses all described a black cross-shaped mass bubbling under the water where the Tic Tac-shaped UFO was located.Observations of UFOs appearing or entering water are numerous.The first official UFO photo shows a circular object half-submerged in a lake.These underwater UFOs are called OSNIs, unidentified underwater objects.The adjective trans-medium has appeared to describe these UFOs capable of moving in different elements (water / air).

Commandant Fravor on the Joe Rogan experience podcast

Lue Elizondo talking about this case

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