Chased by a UFO, an airliner urgently lands

On November 11, 1979, for the first time in aerial history, a commercial flight had to land urgently at Manises airport, near Valencia in Spain following the dangerous presence of a UFO.After a stopover in Mallorca to refuel, the plane of the airline company Trabajos Aereos y Enlaces (TAE) resumes its journey to Las Palmas.

At around 11 p.m., the pilot and his crew saw red lights dangerously approaching the plane.The captain immediately contacted the Barcelona radar control center to be informed of a presence in his airspace.Neither the radars of the Barcelona control center, nor the military radars of Madrid manage to give information to the pilot. For them, nothing to report.The pilot then takes the initiative to change altitude in order to move away from the potential danger. Surprise!The lights are chasing the plane in total violation of aviation safety rules.The driver then took a radical decision, the recording of which will remain famous: "It's much faster than us and it's getting closer and closer. I'm going to Valencia!".

He then triggered an emergency landing at Manises airport, near Valence.According to the crew, the lights went out just before landing.This will be confirmed by three radar tracks and eyewitnesses.Radar signatures showed three objects 200 meters in diameter, one of which passed very close to the airstrip. Enigmas magazine will publish testimonials from airport workers and taxi drivers seeing the light near the airstrip.The magazine will also publish photos...

Spanish authorities sent a Mirage F-1 fighter jet against the lights. The pilot had to reach a speed of mach 1.4 (1700 km / h) in order to maintain visual contact with one of the lights.He observed a truncated cone with changing color. The light disappears after an acceleration.The radar operator then informed the pilot that another radar trace had been spotted towards Sagunto. The plane manages to meet the UFO which immediately accelerates and in addition blocks all the communication systems of the fighter plane. After 2 hours of flight, the mirage must return to base.

The incident will be traced back to the Spanish parliament.A deputy will question the government on the subject.His only answer will be ... silence.

In 1994, a report on the incident was declassified: The two pilots allegedly saw flashes emitted by the chimneys of a chemical industry complex. Other unofficial explanations evoke the presence of an aircraft carrier sailing in the Mediterranean Sea.The lights could have been fighter planes. The Mirage F1 communications failure could have been an American jamming device. 41 years later, there are still no explanations....

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