Ireland: two airline pilots meet a UFO

In Ireland on November 9, 2018, several airliner pilots, on separate flights, reported the same thing: They all saw luminous objects, moving rapidly in the sky, over County Kerry.

At 6:47 a.m., a British Airways pilot on the Montreal-London flight contacted Shannon's control tower following the appearance of strange lights.She asks the controllers if military exercises are underway.The answer is no.She then explains having observed an object in the sky which "progressed at rapid speed with a very bright light".The UFO then approached the left side of the aircraft before "quickly tacking north."

The sighting is confirmed by a pilot of the Virgin company who flew between Orlando and Manchester.He saw "Two very bright light sources and several objects following the same trajectory".A third pilot of a Norwegian airline airliner connecting New York to Shannon saw a UFO going at "astronomical" speed.Faced with these multiple testimonies, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) will eventually launch an investigation.

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