Jean-Charles Duboc : Airline pilot and UFO witness

On January 28, 1994, the Airbus of Air France flight AF 3532 left Nice for London. Commander Jean-Charles Duboc and his crew observed a UFO.

In France, an Air France airline pilot dared to testify: Jean-Charles Duboc. This former captain has more than 500 flight days to his credit and will obtain at the end of his career, the very prestigious post of captain of Boeing 747. He claims to have observed with his co-pilot "A UFO near Paris, during aNice-London flight, which looked like a huge disc, about 300 meters in diameter". The UFO even left a radar signature. But "like all airlines, Air France is concerned about its image. It was very hard to broach the subject".

The facts

On January 28, 1994, at 1:14 p.m., around Coulommiers in Seine-et-Marne, the Airbus 320-111 flew at an altitude of 11,900 meters. The weather conditions are excellent. It was then that the chief steward, present in the cockpit, signaled a weather balloon to the pilot. Co-pilot Valérie Chauffour confirms. Commander Jean-Charles Duboc is more likely to think of an aircraft in a 45 ° bank turn. But after a longer observation, all three witnesses agree that they are unable to define what this object is.

The pilot estimated the UFO at an altitude of 10,500 meters and at a distance of 50 km and by deduction of a fairly large size. The three protagonists are surprised by the shape changes of the object, going from a brown bell shape to a brown lens. The object will eventually disappear suddenly. Following the protocol, Jean-Charles Duboc informed the Reims air navigation control center, which had no other flights informed in the area. Reims therefore reported to the Taverny Air Defense Operation Center (CODA) the observation made by the crew. CODA did spot a radar signal from the UFO. The radar recording lasted 50 seconds and crossed the path of flight AF 3532. This radar signature does not correspond to any other flight plan filed. After investigation, the Air Defense Operation Center was able to exclude the hypothesis of the meteorological balloon and to measure the length of the object: 250 meters.

The full testimony of Commander Jean-Charles Duboc :

"We are cruising towards Coulommiers, at an altitude of 11,700 m, in excellent weather conditions, with visibility of 200 to 300 km and alto cumulus cloud cover covering the Paris region.

A flight attendant is in the cockpit at this time. He is the first to see an object in the sky. He exclaims: "A weather balloon! "

My co-pilot Valérie also identifies it, at first, as a weather balloon.

I am the third and the last to see it. On the other hand, I identify it as a plane in a 45 ° bank turn, before it has horizontal wings...

The excellent visibility then allows me to estimate that this rather strange object is at a distance of 46 km, at an altitude of about 10,500 m in our 10h, that is to say in the Northwest, practically above Paris.

As we continue our journey and maintain our course, we pass it and I can notice its brownish red color with slightly blurred edges and above all an immense size that I estimate at nearly 1000 meters in diameter for a thickness of 100 meters! Indeed, at such a distance, an airliner is only a tiny dot! This object appears to be a gigantic disc, with no apparent details, no wings or control surfaces or engines, which we can see from several angles for almost a minute. "

Jean-Charles Duboc died on March 17, 2018. He was one of the few French pilots to testify publicly.

The complete testimony in vidéo :

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