Peruvian President Observes UFO: Investigation Office Is Immediately Created

Worried about the proliferation of sightings, Peru opens its UFO investigation office.

On December 14, 2001, a Cessna from the General Directorate of Chilean Aeronautics flying over Peru headed for Santiago.On board is the gratin of Chilean aeronautics including the director general of civil aviation, the air brigade general and the director of the national company.At 3.15 am, the two pilots and the passengers saw three green rectangular lights following the plane for a quarter of an hour.Colonel Salgado takes two photos.The crew draws up an official report countersigned by all the passengers.This information is shared with Peru.

Worried, the Peruvian air force decided to create a specialized UFO investigation office: Oficina de Investigación de Fenómenos Anómalos Aeroespaciales (OIFAA). In order to justify the opening of this investigation office in front of his superiors, Commander Julio Chamorro, who will head it, invokes Chapter XII of the Constitution which establishes the duty of the State to guarantee the security of the Nation to through its armed forces.In addition to this sighting, another event caused a lot of talk that same December 2001: the video of a gigantic "ship" standing in the sky for almost 2 hours in Chulucanas, Piura. Julio Chamorro: "This vessel made no noise and did not move. You could see its structure and even windows".

Peruvian president witnesses a UFO

Once retired, Commander Chamorro will admit why the organization could have been created so easily with the support of Alberto Fujimori. The then president had also witnessed a UFO. The head of state used to use a military plane to go fishing in the Amazon River. On December 7, 1991 at 9:00 p.m., during one of these presidential fishing trips in the Charo Lagoon, located in the city of Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon, a luminous ball came out of the river and flew through the air. Fujimori and his team saw it, but didn't say anything about it for fear of ridicule. however the observation was very commented on within the army and the Peruvian political class which made it possible to raise awareness of the subject and the need to create an organization in charge of monitoring this possible threat. The decision was then taken to open a UFO investigation office in order to understand these phenomena. Unfortunately, due to administrative problems, OFIFFA will be put on hold by the military in 2005

2013: Faced with the growing number of observations, the investigation office reopens

In 2013, numerous observations of UFOs in the Peruvian sky prompted the army to wake up the OIFAA, renamed for the occasion Departamento de Investigación de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (DIFFA).Among these observations, two worry the authorities while two others question the population.

1. On May 21, 2007 at around 8:20 am, a flotilla of spherical UFOs flew over the city of Lima.The ATV television crew was able to film this amazing fleet in formation for half an hour.The film is shown on a national television channel.The Peruvian Air Force officially confirms the facts and begins to seriously consider reopening the OIFAA.

2. After the army, it is the turn of the political world to realize the problem.In 2012, the entire delegation of a Peruvian minister visiting the Peruvian jungle, observed a UFO hovering above their heads.The testimonies of this observation will go around the political class which then takes the measure of this worrying phenomenon.

Barthélémy D'Ans, president of the Peruvian Institute of Astronomy will declare: "People see things and worry, they want answers".

Thanks to the advent of cameras for individuals, the population too was able to take part in these UFO sightings.Two of them will alert the population.

1.In 2013 in Huanuco near the pre-Columbian archaeological site of Kotosh, residents accumulated video testimonies of luminous spheres that appear unexplained and roam in the sky.

2. Another filmed sighting will tour Peruvian media: The La Molina UFO.We see on the video a cylindrical tube moving in the sky. No rational explanation could be found by the authorities for this sighting.

Faced with all these questions, the reopening of the DIFFA is therefore quite legitimate.The DIFAA is then responsible for centralizing at the national level information on these detected phenomena in order to ensure the sovereignty and defense of Peruvian airspace.In addition to the UFO investigation body, the army also decides to appoint an advisory committee, made up of eight civilians specializing in different fields: a mathematician, a sociologist, a philosopher, an archaeologist ...

With so many unexplained phenomena, Peru is in turn equipping itself with an organization responsible for investigating UFOs comparable to those already active in France, England, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.The UFO theme is much less taboo in South American countries where the subject, frequently discussed in the media, fascinates and questions.As a famous Peruvian saucerist sums it up so well: "If an American observes a UFO, he will be afraid and hide.If a Peruvian observes a UFO, he'll take out two beers, hoping the alien will come for a drink and chat."

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