The chilling confession of the Russian Prime Minister

Following a political interview broadcast on a Russian television channel, Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev answers a question about the existence of UFOs. Not knowing (or knowing?) That the camera continues to film, he expresses himself in complete freedom. His response is astounding.

In 2012, following an interview with journalists from 5 Russian television channels, Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia, let himself go by confiding a few secrets to journalists, thinking that his words would go unchecked.

The journalist: "Mr. Prime Minister, you who know everything. Do extraterrestrials visit the earth?"

Dmitry Medvedev in a serious tone: "Listen, I will not repeat it to you twice. In addition to the kit of nuclear codes, the president of the country receives a "top secret" file which is special. This file, in its entirety, contains information about aliens who regularly visit our planet... In addition, a report is submitted by a secret service which, in absolute secrecy, exercises control over the comings and goings of aliens on the territory. More detailed on this subject thanks to the famous film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, "Men In Black".

Journalist: "How many are among us?"

Dmitry Medvedev: "I am not going to tell you how many aliens live among us, because that could create panic."

Did he know the camera was still rolling ?

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