UFO caught on camera by team of journalists in Lima

In February 2015, in Lima (Peru) the cameraman of the program Alto al crimen filmed a purple lenticular object. The UFO stood still for 2 hours. Among the witnesses, journalists and the presenter, elected by the Peruvian Congress, Renzo Reggiardo.

On Tuesday February 10, around 10:30 am, in the district of Miraflores in Lima, the capital of Peru, the team of the program "Alto al crimen" (stop the crime) is in the middle of filming for its next episode when suddenly the cameraman, Eduardo Chávez Guerra, sees a UFO in the sky.

Witnesses included program host Renzo Reggiardo (also Peruvian MP), journalist Valia Barak and the entire technical team. The reliability of their testimony cannot be questioned. The UFO was therefore observed by reliable witnesses and filmed with professional equipment. The camera was able to film a purple lens-shaped object that remained in the sky for more than 2 hours without moving. As a reminder, no human-made object (drones, planes, helicopters, etc.) has the capacity to remain at altitude for so long without moving or without being re-supplied with an energy source.

The Video

A full documentary on the case

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