UFOs in Sicily: Scientists admit alien thesis

In 2004, the fishing village of Canneto di Caronia in Sicily experienced many disturbing events: apparitions of luminous balls, objects which catch fire, plantations which burn, marks on the ground... Faced with danger, the village is evacuated. A team of experts is sent on site to find a scientific response to these events.Back to this amazing and very well documented story.

Luminous orbs and mysterious fires

Brigth orbs

In January 2004, at 4 am, a fisherman claimed to have observed a ball of fire bursting out of the ocean before suddenly disappearing. This testimony will then be confirmed by two witnesses who observed the same phenomenon from the village. In the weeks following this appearance, many electric cables catch fire and more than 200 household appliances not plugged in spontaneously ignites causing numerous fires. The electricity company then thinks of a malfunction on the network.The decision is made to cut off the electricity supply to the village.But a few days later, while the power was still off, objects caught fire again.Cell phones malfunction and car GPS units melt away.

Faced with press pressure, the government reacts

The press arrives in the village. A team of journalists even managed to catch on tape household appliances instantly burn.Concerned for their safety, residents evacuate from their homes any object that runs on electricity. This is when all metal and plastic objects started burning. The police are sent to investigate the phenomenon while the civil protection and the army occupy the village. Faced with the risk of fire, the authorities took the decision, on February 9, 2004, to evacuate the village of its inhabitants and to place the area in quarantine. In total, the Italian government identifies more than 400 incidents in the village.

In order to counter alien thesis, italian government sends scientists to investigate

Along with the incidents, some residents observe luminous balls in the sky. Some will even manage to photograph them. As the extraterrestrial hypothesis makes its appearance among the population and the media, the government decides to form a team made up of the best experts in the country and in Europe to find a rational explanation for these events.

Scientists from the National Research Council, the National Institute of Geophysics and laboratories across Europe are investigating to find a scientific cause for these spontaneous fires. After geological, geochemical and seismological analyzes due to the very close presence of the Etna volcano, it is concluded that any link between volcanic activity and the phenomena experienced in Canneto di Caronia should be ruled out. After many other analyzes, the scientific group concludes that the unusual phenomena observed in the village were not caused by natural causes but that the inexplicable presence of electromagnetic fields could be the trigger for the fires.

Focusing on this anomalous electromagnetic source, the researchers decide to study the technical infrastructure of the village (the railway line, the electric cables, the telecommunications network, the radio and television antennas) within a radius of 5 kilometers. The investigation eliminates the causes of these installations which are not the source of these electromagnetic fields. The group of scientists eventually confess their inability to explain the reason for the fires.

The fires continue, an international task force is created

During the night of December 18, 2005, in the Toscana ferry connecting Palermo to Cagliari, a truck started up by itself, triggering a fire on the ship. The catastrophe is avoided, but it is close to it. The Berlusconi government decides to create a task force made up of technicians from the army, civil protection experts and a NASA researcher recruited directly from the United States. The investigation will no longer be limited to the single village of Canneto di Caronia but is extended to 309 episodes observed along the Tyrrhenian Sea and in the Sicilian Channel.

The troubling elements of the Task Force report

After several months of work, the investigators made a confidential report in 2008 which eventually leaked into the Italian newspaper espresso.

Electromagnetic fields

"Canneto di Caronia has been touched by electromagnetic phenomena of artificial origin, capable of generating great concentrated power. These microwave beams are ultra high frequency ranging from 300 megahertz to a few gigahertz. To produce this amount of energy, a machine would need to reach between 12 and 15 gigawatts (the equivalent of the electricity produced by 10 nuclear power plants). However, the location of the source is not known. A network made up of dozens of sensors, since 2006, has been chasing the place from which these electronic impulses from the sea originate, an almost impossible task since the emission lasts only a few nanoseconds."

A giant print found in a field

A strange and gigantic rectangular print, 40 meters long and 15 wide, was found a few kilometers from Caronia, in a field.

A plant absorbs radioactive rays

Burned plants

Experts found that in some fields that had caught fire, all plant species were spared except one, "Ampelodesmos mauritanicus". The hypothesis of human intervention is therefore to be excluded. The roots of hundreds of these plants had been charred deep in the ground. The regional coordinator of the Sicilian Civil Protection Committee specifies: "Only the ampelodelmos bushes, a leafy plant that could have acted as a wave receiver, were burned at regular intervals. The root burns were the same as those found on household electrical wires, with the signs of the flames present in a sequence dictated by multiples of 4".

Objects seen in the sky

Flying saucers

Thanks to photos of flying light balls taken by witnesses and other clues, the scientists of the international inter-institutional group were able to develop digital reconstructions of the UFOs observed. These small moving flying objects are visible by day and glow at night. However, it was not possible to define their exact size and the materials they are made of. The Corriere della Sera Magazine exclusively publishes a photo taken on August 2, 2004 from a military boat sailing in front of the island of Vulcano. We can see two flying objects that look like saucers. The snapshot has been analyzed by experts who claim that the photo was not faked.

Helicopter being chased

A chased helicopter

In March 2006, an inhabitant of Canneto seeing a Civil Protection helicopter in distress took a photo.We can see in the photo, a flying object chasing the helicopter. Minutes after being photographed, the helicopter investigating UFOs over the Tyrrhenian Low Seas must make an emergency landing following a sudden anomaly.

The damage observed on the helicopter

Once the machine was on the ground, the pilot observed notches on three of the four blades of the helicopter. The blades appear to have been scuffed causing the paint and coating film to lift. Laboratory analyzes ruled out any trace of organic matter in the affected points.

Paint layer lifted

Thus, there was no contact with birds or other objects. But the investigation revealed a variation in the electrical conductivity inside the blades. After much research, the regional coordinator of the Civil Protection committee declares: "In the case of the crashed helicopter, no similar case has ever been recorded in the history of aeronautical aviation".

The conclusions of the task force's investigation: "Secret military tests or extraterrestrial experiments"

The extraterrestrial hypothesis is indeed one of the two hypotheses retained by the confidential report submitted to the Italian authorities. The Espresso newspaper manages to obtain the report and publishes the conclusions:

"Advanced military technologies, possibly of non-terrestrial origin, could in the future expose entire populations to unintended consequences. The incidents at Canneto di Caronia could be attempted military engagement between unconventional forces or a non-aggressive test aimed at studying behavior and reactions in a sparsely populated area chosen at random."

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